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Category: Management

Patrick van Styrum

Patrick has an extensive commercial background within the FMCG sector. He started his career at Heineken, where he worked in various marketing, sales and management jobs in The Netherlands and abroad. After more than 10 years, he switched to the agency side. During the past 10 years he worked for one of the leading sportmarketing companies in The Netherlands, where he advised multinationals on their marketing strategies and activations through sports.

As managing partner, Patrick is responsible for general management and all marketing and sales activities.

Patrick holds a degree in law from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Christine Wouters

Christine’s experience resides in Education, Human Resources and Arts. As a true generalist she has managed to combine her work as a tutor in law for bachelor students in Amsterdam, with working as a professional visual artist before she committed herself to GRIPP.

As a partner in GRIPP, Christine is responsible for all general affairs, HR and account management.

Christine holds a law degree (International/Dutch) from the VU university of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Deepti Wadhwa

Deepti is a qualified chartered accountant and brings the experience of almost 14 years of professional services to international and domestic corporate clients in India and abroad. She successfully managed the offshoring of Accounting, Structured Finance and Corporate Secretarial services from various jurisdictions.

As founding partner of GRIPP, Deepti is responsible of operations and IT.

Deepti is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce from the Delhi University, India. 


Amit Thareja

Amit's experience resides in Operation, Business development, Customer Relationschip Management and Strategy Development. He is an intellectual property rights professional with over 7 years experience in brand protection issues. Before joining GRIPP, Amit was the key member of the brand protection team at SIPI Pte. Ltd., Singapore, where he accumulated his expertise and knowledge in the fields of online and offline brand protection,     e-commerce and web terminology. He has worked with many world leading companies in luxury goods on all services related to online brand protection, e.g. counterfeit and grey market sales, misuse of trademarks/logos and brand reputation.

As Operation Manager, Amit is responsible for brand protection strategy development, customer relationschip management, monitoring and take down procedures and seller communications.

Amit holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the M.D.U University and an executive dipoma in Intellectual Property Rights from the Indian Law Institute, India.